ESD SPU Slipper PPM-SL01

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  • Product Code: PPM-SL01


  • Conductive Slipper is made of soft & comfort durability & flexibility. The sole is thick enough to protect base board from static and make sure the static can conduct to the earth.
  • The antistatic property makes static discharges to dissipative via the sole for those who are on the move in factory environment with ease.
  • It is also design with base that minimizes dirt trapping.
ESD Properties
ESD Standard
Body to Ground Resistance
< E 6 Ohms
ASTM 9.1
Surface Resistance
< E 5 Ohms
ASTM 9.1
Size Available
220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280
600g +/- 100 g
Black, Blue, White

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