Ionizer with Optical Sensor

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  • Product Code: PPM-OT221


• Lightweight, Ergonomic Design.
• Flow Control Valve for Adjustable Airflow.
• Electrically balanced ion output.
• Integrated, Replaceable Filter-Nozzle.
• Ionization Indicator Light.


• Maximum user comfort prevents operator fatigue and increases productivity.
• Airflow use that meets the specific application requirements.
• Protects ESD senstive components and assemblies.
• Insures air contacting the target area is clean.
• Eliminates the guesswork of ionization at target area.


• Medical device manufacturing and packaging.
• Precision parts assembly.
• Particulate removal in optics.
• Cleaning glass or molded parts prior to finishing.
• Cleaning thermo-formed trays.

Technical Parameters
Input Voltage 110V/220V
Current MAX0.8/0.4A
Operation Temp 0-50°C
Weight 4.0kg
Dimension of Power supplier 200mm(L)x135mm(W)x89mm(H)
Max Air pressure 100psi
Length of High Voltage Cable 3M
Air Speed 10m/sec
Optical Sensor Available
Optional Stand, Pedal operating switch
Decay time (5000V-500V at 15cm) <1.3s
Balance 0V±15V

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