DescriptionAutomated cell counter counts mammalian cells in one simple step using its innovative aut..

DescriptionAutomatic Gamma Counter Present the next generation instrumentation for gamma counting. A..

FeaturesBCA is not just a standard photometer; it is a true new generation semi-automatic biochemist..

FeaturesAdvanced sensor and software integrationReveal more information about your process and incre..

DescriptionThis is a new generation capillary electrophoresis system with advanced options and desig..

DescriptionThe Cell Analyzer is the first flow cytometer with a fully integrated and flexible loader..

DescriptionThe Cytometer is a fully automated, 3-channel cell counter to rapidly analyze fluorescent..

FEATURESHighly Sensitive & StableManual Temperature CompensationAPPLICATIONSNATURAL WATER T..

FeaturesExceptional Data QualityHighest-quality data demonstrated through peer-reviewed,scientific c..

FeaturesIntuitive keyboard operation.Large, easy-to-read displays.Small footprint conserves valuable..

FeaturesLow and High Voltage ModesResistance and Capacitance TimingAutomatic Charge and PulseCapacit..

Features: Provided with power on self-checking. Error data will be displayed on LCD monitor if somet..

Pipetting probe, 1ul stepping (1000ul volumes). Total 25 racks, arbitrary rack can be defined as sa..

Excellent quality of measurement.Precision CV < 0.5% for Na, K, Li at 1 mg/l.Max. 4 measuring cha..

FeaturesEnsures maximum flexibility in a method by collecting into any combination of racks for micr..

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