Features Excellent shock absorbing. Excellent cushioning properties. Non corrosive. Light weight. Av..

Features No solvent used at coating process. UV curable manufacturing method. Both adhesive and rele..

Features Suitable for many sealing, holding, splicing or masking applications requiring the protecti..

Features Thickness : 6.1 mil. 4 layer contruction. Good moisture barrier properties. Good tensile st..

Features Made from low density polyethylene PE material. Manufacture in cleanroom environment. Custo..

Features Excellent release layer antistatic property. Excellent copolymer layer anti-static property..

 Features Specially used for collect the PCB and SMT components. Excellent anti-static performa..

FeaturesMade of polyester film, coated with a surface conductive adhesive.Leaves no adhesive residue..

 Features Use to bundle and protect ESD sensitive IC tubes, trays, boxes and carriers quickly a..

FeaturesAutomatic impulse blister sealer is based on the theory of adjust ability of electricity gen..

Features          Ideal for small labels and small work..

Features          ManufacturingAssemblyPackagingTo disp..

Features          LED digital display and set cutting l..

FeaturesVertical strapping for palletized loads.Particularly conceived for securing the load to the ..

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