APPLICATIONThis machine is the newest design bed and mattress comprehensive performance tester accor..

ApplicationsThe purpose of this test is to determine: (1) retention of load bearing (65 % IFD), (2) ..

APPLICATIONThe purpose of the fatigue test is to determine: The loss of force support at 40 % IFD (i..

ApplicationsUsed for the strength and durability of seats and stools. Can test in 12 different metho..

ApplicationsThis European Standard specifies test methods and requirements for the determination of ..

APPLICATIONThe test machine is to simulate the daily use of the process of loading the seat on the s..

APPLICATIONThis tester applies to all types of chairs, with 2 functions of chair seating impact and ..

ApplicationsThis test applies to all chair types with a swivel seat.The purpose of this test is to e..

ApplicationsThe material of frame is using the aluminum, It look nice and easy for operation.It is d..

ApplicationsApplicable for the assessment of the package by the degree of influence in the actual dr..

ApplicationsThis machine is designed to test drawers, desks, cabinets and wardrobe.Capable of cyclin..

APPLICATIONThe Foam Compression Tester is used to evaluate a degree of firmness common within the fo..

APPLICATIONThe Combustion Testing Equipment is suitable for laboratory evaluation under the conditio..

APPLICATIONThis tester is used for testing the mechanical properties of tables , desks ,beds and cha..

ApplicationsMileage Tester is designed for road pilot of luggage with wheels, traveling bag, wheels,..

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