DescriptionThe heat detector is for use as a warning device in residential applications. Each detect..

DescriptionAvailable in many different models, the detector is engineered to virtually eliminate nui..

DescriptionWater Fire extinguishers clean agent extinguishers have an effective extinguishing action..

DescriptionCarbon dioxide is a gaseous agent, colourless, odourless / non-toxic and provides rapid k..

DescriptionThe operation of double interlock systems is similar to deluge systems except that automa..

DescriptionMonoammonium phosphate based dry chemical agent. Capable of fighting Class A, B, C and E ..

DescriptionThis wall-mounted eye/face wash with open stainless steel bowl is suitable for use in all..

DescriptionIt is also fully approved to the Low Smoke, Shield ‘Premium’ Cable retains continuity for..

DescriptionThe Fire-Gard curtain provides the benefits of an off-the-shelf lightweight design which ..

Features & BenefitsWater basedApply by brush, roller or sprayAchieves the equivalent to Class 0 ..

DescriptionIn order to achieve this results, the panel has been manufactured with some particular fe..

FeaturesGravity air flow vents — UL Listed fire dampers with fusible linksSecondary containment — le..

FeaturesFor safe storage of flammable chemicals indoors.Reduces the risk of your flammable chemicals..

DescriptionAFFF (6%) Synthetic Aqueous Film - Forming Foam Agent capable of fighting Class A, B fire..

DescriptionHigh Velocity Water Spray Nozzles are internal swirl plate type open nozzles designed for..

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