Single Wrist Strap Monitor

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  • Product Code: PPM-898-1


  • ON / OFF switch on front panel
  • Constantly monitoring the wrist strap for skin contact, 1 Meg resistor and ground contact
  • LED indicator on the front panel
  • Green for PASS
  • Red for FAIL2 recessed holes for mounting screws
  • Ground connection post at the back panel
  • No Checking is required
  • Small and handy, easy to use
  • Low price, save cost
  • Can use any wrist strap with banana plug in the market
Power Adaptor 6 V DC
Dimension 67 x 60 x 29 (mm)
Weight 60 gm (not including power supply adaptor)
Lower Limit 1 ohm
Upper Limit Max 10 Magohm (Adjustable)

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