Board Tester, Model : TR518FE
  • Auto-learning and Automatic Program Generation of Open / Short, Pin information, IC Clamping Diode, TestJet Technology.
  • BoardView function can allocate defect device and pin instantly.
  • High capacity rack design, test points up to 3584
  • With IC Clamping Diode test technologies, can enhance the testing coverage of BGA package

The TR518 is the best-selling Manufacturing Defects Analyzer (MDA) in Asia, if not the world. Over 7,000 of these cost-effective sytems are in place in most of the high-volume electronics manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

MDAs provide all-analog testing of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). The distinctive feature of the TR518 lies with its fast testing speed, which is twice as fast as traditional MDAs. Furthermore; it possesses a more programmable short and open circuit learning setting, satisfying different varieties of test products and their behaviors.

3,584 All-Analog Test Pins

The TR518FE supports up to fourteen switching boards with 256 analog test pins per board.

TR518FE Boards

Four Levels of User Management

The TR518 system software provides four levels of users to give customers the most security and flexibility.

TRI518FE User Management

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