Desco Over Head Ionizer, Model : 50672
  • Best Overhead Ionizer Now Available from Desco EMIT
  • Low Balance (Offset Voltage)
  • Balance ±3 volt, typically; ±5 volts maximum controlled via Desco EMIT patented Auto-Balancing Sense Feedback
  • Fast Discharge Time
  • Data Acquisition
  • Easy Calibration
  • Overhead installation with three 9-speed fans
  • Up to 124 units can be daisy-chained into one serial port
  • Optional Remote Control Available
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • CSA certified
  • Made in America
  • Low Ozone Emissions – tests well below the OSHA limit of 0.05 ppm ozone

The Overhead Zero Volt Ionizer combines the effectiveness of steady-state DC ionization with ease of adjustability, communication capability, and the flexibility of a microcontroller based design to produce a versatile and stable ionization system. Three fans produce extended ionization coverage, and are ideal for areas where bench space is limited.

Optional network software and remote control (ZVI-IR) for adjustments are available.

Alarm Conditions

The ionizer is able to detect various problems that may occur through normal use. The unit can detect low and high line voltages, and inoperable high voltage power modules. The unit will sound a continuous audible alarm during all alarm conditions.

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