Environmental Listeria Test



  • Rapid results allow earlier product release
  • Reliable, detects Listeria spp.
  • Simple 4-step process, can be used by technicians with minimal training
  • Safe, test carried out in a closed tube to reduce contamination risk. No sub-culturing or transfers required.
  • Cost effective: no extra consumables, reagents or equipment required
  • Overview

A rapid, sensitive and easy environmental screening test for the presumptive detection of Listeria spp. in food processing facilities.

The 3M™ Tecra™ Environmental Listeria test is a cost effective method for use on environmental surfaces such as sealed concrete, ceramic tile, stainless steel and plastic. The test is a simple 4-step process that can detect Listeria in as little as 30 hours, negative results after 48 hours. The medium used in the 3M Tecra Environmental Listeria test is an AOAC®-RI method [Certificate # 040501].

Catalog # Product Description MSDS
LISPTH50   3M™ Tecra™ Environmental Listeria Test LISPTH50 *Part of Microbiology. A rapid, sensitive and easy to use test kit for the detection of environmental Listeria spp. with 20ml media vials and swabs 50/case.
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