ESD Moulded Tote Boxes
  • Comes in Static Dissipative and Conductive material.
  • Conductive range : < 10 5 ohm / sq.
  • Static Dissipative range : 10 5 ohm / sq - 10 12 ohm / sq.
  • Durable.
  • High Impact Strength.
  • Maximum space strength.
  • Easy and efficient storage.
  • Provides easy identification.
  • Easy to affex labels and bar codes.
  • Stackable with and without covers.
  • Multiple height dividers available.

ESD boxes offers safe and efficient storage of items in bulk or compartmentalized models with use of optional dividers. Accessories are available in any of the three different materials to meet specific needs of today's parts and handling requirements.

Nat - Refers to natural polypropylene-base resin products. They are impact resistant. durable and have a high chemical resistivity. All products in this category are grey in colour.

CAS- Conductive polypropylene- base material. This material contains a carbon additive to provide an electrically conductive path through the material. This material had a surface resistivity of less than 10 5 ohm / sq. all products in this category are black in colour.

BAS - Static dissipative polypropylene-base material. It had a surface resistivity of more than 10 5 ohms / sq and less than 10 12 ohms / sq. All products in this category are blue in colour.

Features :

A. Fabricated from injection molded, polypropylene base resin.

B. 12 sizes available. Refer to technical specification for more details.

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