General Packaging
Pink ESD Bag

Made from Antistatic PE resin, General purpose packaging for ESD sensitive PCB board or components.

Black Conductive PE Bag

Homogeneous conductive material provides EMI / RFI shielding and ESD control, excellent grounding properties, good for handling explosive powders, PCB assemblies and components.

Amide / Silicon Free Class 100 Cleanroom Bag

For cleanroom use, this product are made from Low density polyethylene PE, free from additive of amide, DOP and silicon oil, non outgassing, Transparent bag good for packing metal parts, components or casting without contamination.

Static Shielding Bag (Metal In)

It is made from 3 Layer construction, use in packing of ESD sensitive PCB board or components.

Normal LDPE Bag

General purpose packing, it comes in various size and thickness that meet your requirement.

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