In-Line Automated 3D X-Ray Inspection System, Model : TR7600SII
  • In-line, 3D high-speed dynamic imaging AXI system for PCBA inspection.
  • Powerful inspection and operating technologies provide ultra‑high defect-detection rates and enhance defect coverage rates.
  • Can detect BGA opens and shorts, as well as missing, billboard, tombstone, skew, IC lead up, DIP and soldering defects for fine-pitch components.
  • ATPG flow guides users to easily and quickly create an inspection program.
  • The Repair Station system helps user to confirm defects easily through a user-friendly graphic interface and SPC data analysis.
  • Available to link with Yield Management System to integrate and analyze the data of all production lines.

Three times faster than the first generation, the TR7600 SII in-line automated 3D x-ray inspection system uses x-ray technology to penetrate PCBs and components to capture test images. These capabilities make the TR7600 SII an ideal solution for testing BGA components and areas only accessible by x-ray inspection technology.

TRI's proprietary image evaluation technology uses nine images captured from different angles. It evaluates light and dark areas, separates the different image slices and calculates different slice heights during inspection for manufacturing defects. Inspection outcome data is then sent to the TR7600 Repair Station for analysis and action by manufacturing staff.

Inspection images

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