In-Line Full Feature Colour AOI System, Model : TR7500
  • Ultra-high speed, dynamic imaging desktop AOI system with excellent inspection and operation technology for the New SMT Generation.
  • RGB 3-colors + white LED lighting system and multi-angle lighting (including coaxial lighting) control system.
  • Great inspection ability suitable for lead-free manufacturing process and fine pitch/ 01005 components.
  • ATPG flow guides user to create inspection programs quickly and easily.
  • Modularized mechanical system provides convenient way to maintain the machine.
  • Repair Station system with a user-friendly graphical interface helps users confirm defects easily. It also provides SPC calculations and reports.
  • Available to link with Yield Management System to integrate and analyze the data of all production lines.

The TR7500 is TRI's newest in-line AOI system with the latest technology. Featuring a high-end digital 3-CCD full color camera and four black and white angle cameras, the TR7500 has a greater field-of-view for faster inspection.

Advanced Colour Lighting

The advanced color lighting system that has flexible and multi-angle adjustment section can provide different color and angle lighting for cameras with different angel, so it can provides accurate and better inspection results for solder fillet on small components such as 0201 and fine pitch leads.

Advanced tools with graphical user interface allow easy setting and programming of the new RGB color lighting system.

Picture 1

Advanced Optical Design

The 3CCD color top camera combined with the excellent image processing computing technology, system can analysis the color on PCB and inspect the missing and insufficient solder effectively.

Four angle cameras on the side provide high accuracy for solder joints and lifted lead inspection.

Picture 2

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