Microplate Reader


  • Overview

A range of accessories to be used with the Tecra™ VIA or Tecra Unique products to simplify your testing procedures.

The Microplate reader reads test results reducing subjectivity in interpretation. The Strip Washer automatically washes single strips or full plates with a syringe driven fluid delivery system for precise control over the fluid flow rate.

Catalog # Product Description
T1002B   3M™ Tecra™ Tubes Racked with 96 tubes per rack, Sterile, 10/Case T1002B  1.2mL microtubes for ELISA and PCR testing, racked, sterile 
ELX50   BioTek Microwell Strip Washer, automated ELX50  Microwell Strip Washer, each 
ELX800   BioTek Universal Microplate Reader, with filters ELX800  Universal Microplate Reader, each 
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