Non-woven hand pad

Alternative to Steel Wool or Wire Brushes

Fibratex hand pads are available in a variety of grains and grit sizes. The non-woven nylon, low density pads are impregnated with abrasive grain. Easy to fold, they offer excellent conformability and flexibility.


These non-rusting pads are ideal for a broad range of hand applications: cleaning, finishing and light duty polishing and are a great replacement for steel wool pads.

Fibratex Standard Hand Pads

  • Flexible; conform to work surface
  • Numerous specifications available
  • Gentle action easily removes flashing or burrs without affecting dimension of workpiece
  • Non-loading; constant supply of new cutting edges
  • Non-rusting; no workpiece contamination
  • Resilient construction for long life, increased productivity; solvent resistant; waterproof
  • Easily cut to desired size; reduces waste

Fibratex Thin and Flexible High-Performance Hand Pads

  • Extremely thin AND flexible
  • Ideal for cleaning, blending, finishing and deburring contoured surfaces and perfect for tight spots
  • Special coated web design for superior and constant cutting action
  • Advanced web design enhances durability for increased product life
  • Excellent alternative to conventional abrasive hand pads when controlling time and cost are key
  • Versatile; ideal for woodworking, metalworking, maintenance operations and synthetics fabrication
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