Oriteq Ionizing Air Gun,Model : AG211F
  • Light, small and easy to operate
  • Power and air is offered simply by pulling the trigger
  • Build in piezoelectric HV power unit without HV cable
  • Auto ion balance, within +/-10V
  • Equipped with ionization indiacator light and high voltage abnormally HV alarm incicator light
  • Special alloy discharge needle
  • Durable and wearable
  • Suitable for cleanroom application
  • Flexible air pipe make it more convenient for moving around
  • CE Standard Approved

The Oriteq Ion Gun is a Point-of-Use Ionizer. It uses compressed air to neutralize static charges in localized areas. Most companies address ElectroStatic Attraction, visual imperfections, and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris with compressed air ionizers. "There is sometimes a need to provide static control in a small defined area or location. This may be done to provide static control within production equipment, in mini-environments, or to facilitate particle removal from part of a product. Ionizers used for this purpose may be blow-off guns or nozzles that work with a supply of compressed air.

Compact and lightweight, the Ion Gun's console can be mounted anywhere on the workstation for easy access. The console connects to any supply of clean dry air, and an internal disposable filter collects residual particles, oil and moisture.

"Necessary non-conductors in the environment cannot lose their electrostatic charge by attachment to ground. Ionization systems provide neutralization of charges on these necessary non-conductive items.

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