ESD Workstation Monitor, Model : Oriteq-1600
  • Monitor 2 operator, 2 ESD mats, 2 Machines independently.
  • 3 colour LED to indicate status of operator wrist strap. HIGH, LOW, SAFE
  • Audio and LED will give alarms when monitor detects problems on grounding.
  • Audio alarm volume is user adjustable with maximum of 85 dB typical.
  • Normal voltage when wearing wrist strap is 100 mV. Open wrist strap : 0.9V.
  • Maximum mat voltage : 900mV
  • Maximum machine voltage and current (Hard Grounding) : 50 mV, 0.2 mA
  • Human body voltage filtration.
  • Oriteq-1600-R :Optional relay to control external device, such as siren.

Oriteq-1600 is a versatile continuous monitor specifically designed for those price sensitive customers. It is base on a unique, accurate, low voltage, resistive loop detection technology.

Being manufactured by precision SMT technology along with its compact stainless steel housing, it is able to sustain supreme reliability. Oriteq-1600 can monitor the groundings of 2 ESD wrist straps (35 M / 1.8 M), 2 ESD Mats (3.5 M), and  2 sets of low resistance (10 Ohm) machines.

Optional :

Relay to control extermal device such as siren or LED light.

Workstation monitor display Oriteq-1800-D is available to provide acurate reading of voltage and resistance at work station.

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