Ultra Low Voltage ESD Workstation Monitor, Model : Oriteq-1800
  • Wrist-strap Alarm: High Limit: 8MΩ ~ 35MΩ; Low Limit: 750KΩ ~ 2.4MΩ
  • Operator Voltage Alarm: ±1V ~ ±5V
  • Mat (soft ground) Alarm: 1MΩ ~ 140MΩ
  • Tool (hard ground) Alarm: 2Ω ~ 20Ω
  • Support Dual Identity ID: One fixed ID and one dynamic ID
  • Via GZ-1800-D, provide digital display on LCD. Also provide 4-20 mA or 0 - 5V analog outputs and external interfaces for siren and tool controls
  • Network up to 4000 units with GZ-1800-H router
  • Control using Integrated Management System (IMS)

Oriteq-1800 is a proactive ESD grounding monitor for operator / workstation with highest flexibility and performance specifications in the industry. This ultimate device provides complete protection to two operators by monitoring both resistance and voltage independently using dual wire wrist strap. Oriteq-1800 monitor meets ULV (ultra low voltage) requirement for safety and green energy for induced operator and work- station voltage. It also monitors ESD mat ground and low resistance of tool chassis ground simultaneously. Very easy to use with standard default settings. The user can also set the new alarm limits and OPC (operator presence check) via an optional dedicate PC software. Using an optional digital display module, the results measured can be viewed on-site and a set of external control interface are provided.

Applications :

Hard drive manufacturing / GMR head testing / Electronics assembly / Aerospace / Military / Semiconductor Fabrication / Any static sensitive assembly and test environment

Software Support :

  • Via Oriteq-1800-SEE, each alarm can be set to a specific threshold or disabled
  • Via Oriteq-1800-H router, to form an auto-run monitor network (max.128 units)
  • Via Oriteq-1800-IMS interactive network program for resource allocation & control

Power :

8 - 12V DC, 100 mA

Mechanical :

4 in x 3 in x 1 in (L x W X H)

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