ESD Workstation Monitor Network Router, Model : Oriteq-1800-H
  • X4 RJ11 ports for RS-485 daisy-chain inter-connection among monitors
  • Each RJ11 connection port supports connection up to 32 monitors
  • X1 RJ45 connection port for TCP/IP link to Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Automatic connection detection; Independent hardware operation
  • Support wireless LAN connection
  • LED : X6 tricolor LED
  • Power : 9~12V DC, 1A
  • Mechanical : 4 in × 3 in × 1 in (L×W×H)

Oriteq-1800-H is a dedicated network router to be used with a Oriteq-1800 ULV ESD workstation monitor.

It has 4 connection ports each of which can connect to a maximum of 32 Oriteq-1800 monitors. A maximum of 128 monitors can be connected to this Router.

The Router contains an RJ45 port that can connect to a LAN through TCP/IP. A special high speed processing technique is used in the Router to provide high performance data processing and communication amongst networked monitors and the host PC-based network management software.

A central network management software (BOSS-see) can accomodate at most 16 Oriteq-1800-H routers.

Oriteq Network
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