Dual Wrist Strap Monitor, Model : 898-2
  • ON / OFF switch on front panel.
  • Constantly monitoring the wrist strap for skin contact, 1 Meg resistor and fround contact.
  • LED indicator on the front panel.
  • Green for PASS.
  • Red for FAIL.
  • Ground connection post at the back panel.
  • No checking is required.
  • Small and handy, easy to use.
  • Monitoring of 2 stations.
  • Monitoring of ground.

Wrist strap monitor measures the resistance of the wrist stap and operator to ensure that the operator is properly grounded. All body charges are through the equipment. Alarm will alert the operator once the wrist strap is not properly worn.

898-2 wrist strap monitor constantly measures two operators. Providing a green indicator light when wrist strap are worn properly. Audible and visual alarm will be activated if there is a loose connection between the operator and wrist strap.

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