Wrist Strap And Foot Strap Tester, Model : Oriteq-600
  • Truly 100% paperless testing.
  • Automatic test records logging with history tracking.
  • Digital resistance display.
  • Microprocessor-based independent left and right foot testing.
  • "Near-Fail" failure-preventive indicators.
  • Simultaneously or independently test footwear & wrist-strap.
  • High/low test limits meeting S20.20-2007.
  • Fast and user-friendly various reports generation for test results

Oriteq-600 is a product combining ESD footwear testing and computer-controlled access. In many EPA areas, the testing and recording of ESD footwear and wrist-strap is manually conducted in traditional ways. It is not guaranteed to be executed faithfully and in most cases is distorted by so many human errors. Both customers and the management are not confident with the test records. This leaves a big room for potential improvement in personnel ESD grounding test in your EPA. Aiming for this, the new Oriteq-600 provides an effective and failure-preventive solution. It enables enforced paperless testing of a person's grounding footwear and/or wrist-strap before entering the EPA and generates daily test report for the managers.

The Oriteq-600 series offers RS-232/RS-485 and TCP/IP networking communication capabilities. The various card reader units include almost all popular proximity card formats. Though its initial setup cost is a bit higher than the traditional manual testing, the Return-Of-Investment (ROI)) is much higher. It is clearly seen here that your 1 dollar investment in personnel ESD grounding test will receive 2 dollars in return.

Applications :

SMT ESD areas, Clean-rooms, Hi-Tech R/D rooms, Military ESD areas, Explosive handling areas, Aero-space repairs, Drug productions, Hospital ESD restricted areas.

Functional Specification :

  • Proximity Card formats: Mifare / EM / Temic / HID
  • ESD Footwear Tester: 100% Independently test left and right foot simultaneously
  • ESD Wrist-Strap Tester: Test both traditional and dual-wire wrist-straps
  • Test Modes: No Test / WS only / FW only / WS and FW / WS or FW
  • High/Low Limit for Resistance Range Selection: Multiple choices to fit ANSI /ESD S20.20 or IEC-61340
  • Special Indicators: "Near-Fail" Indicators
  • LCD Digital Display: Display Measured Resistance
  • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Tester Dimensions: 143×155×35 mm (L×W×H)
  • Dual Independent Footplate Dimensions: 480×403×25 mm (L×W×H)


  • Hardware Management Software (Model : Oriteq-600-SEE)
  • Integrated Management Software (Model : Oriteq-600-IMS)
  • Autogate or Turnsile.
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