Smart Tweezer
  • Built-in high-precision LCR probe
  • Ideal for Surface Mount Devices
  • Great for testing non-SMD devices
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Automatic component recognition
  • Automatic test range selection
  • Precise tips for small-size devices
  • Manual and voltage test modes
  • Diode Polarity/Short Testing
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Long battery life

Smart Tweezers™ is a handheld electronic tool of a new concept.

Its unique design combines a pair of gold-plated SMD tweezers with ergonomic shielded handles and a precisefull featured LCR impedance meter in a compact, lightweight instrument.

Smart Tweezers™ measures electronic component's capacitance, resistance and inductancewith high speed and precision by evaluating circuit impedance. Additionally it tests diodes and measures voltage

Smart Tweezers™ provides a perfect solution for testing and identification of Surface Mount DevicesSMD as well as for troubleshooting of complex electronic systems.

Surface mount devices are usually tiny and without wire leads, making it more difficult to test and identify SMD than conventional components.

Smart Tweezers™ gives users an easy way to sort and evaluate loose components and to perform on-board measurements and debugging.

Precise gold-plated tips made of non-magnetic steel are able to pick and reliably contact even smallest SMD components (as small as 0201 format) or take measurements from the devices already mounted on a board. The probe can also be used to test conventional components with wire leads too short to insert into the test terminals.

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