Snipe Nose ESD Plier
  • High quality ball bearing steel.
  • 63 - 65 Rockwell Hardness (HRC): Pyrometer controlled inductive hardening.
  • 2-Component ESD Ergonomic handles, soft comfortable gripping surface, hard plastic core.
  • Dual leaf springs in blue steal.
  • Matched bearing rings in order to minimize metal-metal contact and friction.
  • Lap joint with screw in order to achieve a high level of strength and precision. The nut is made of hardened alloy steel in order to resist high cutting load. The screw is fine-pitched for perfect joint adjustment.

Commonly used in electronic assembly and rework as well as in fine jewellery and beading work. Snipe nose pliers have flat-faced inner jaws.

Overall length : 133 mm

Jaws length : 20 mm

Box width : 10 mm

Box thickness : 6,4 mm

Model Description
6021 Smooth jaws plier
6022 Serrated jaws plier
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