3D Solder Paste Inspection Tester, Model : TR7007
  • Fringe Pattern Technology.
  • Inspection Speed up to 171cm2/s @14um, 87cm2/s @ 10um.
  • Shadow Free.
  • Available 2D Color Image.
  • Linear motor and linear scale create an even-more precise and stable X-Y table motion system.
  • Excellent 3D inspection and operation technology with warp auto-tracking system, provides outstanding defect-detecting ability.
  • Great inspection ability of lead-free manufacturing process and fine-pitch/01005 components.
  • Smooth Automatic Test Program Generator (ATPG) flow lets users create inspection programs quickly and easily.
  • SPC system calculates the statistical data and provides statistical reports.
  • Available to link with YMS to integrate and analyze the data of TRI systems across all production lines

The Fastest 3D Solder Paste Inspection in the World

Quality at the start of the SMT process comes from improving the quality of solder paste printing. TRI’s three-dimensional solder paste inspection system can quickly measure the area, volume, and thickness of every solder joint and can detect short circuits. It is ideal for small, high-density products, preventing bad connections as a result from small solder joints and lack of solder, component vibration and heat expansion, improving the product's quality.

The TR7007 ultra-high-speed 3D Solder Paste Inspection adopts the Fringe Pattern Technology and dual light source, can solve the shadow and reflection problem simultaneously. It is equipped with a linear motor and linear scale that provides a highly accurate X-Y Table system.

Effective Solution to Shadows and Specular Reflection

The traditional single light source may cause multiple reflection and specular reflection on the illuminated surface and create shadows on the back of the lighted surface. This will impact the results of 3D solder paste inspection. The TR7007 adopts a dual light source and, operating with TRI's dual-side data merge technology, can solve the shadow and reflection problem and get the most accurate inspection results.


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