Staph Aureus Visual Immunoassay


  • Rapid results in less than 26 hours allow earlier product release
  • Simple and easy to use enrichment method
  • Can be used manually or semi-automated for large scale testing providing operational flexibility and efficiencies
  • Overview

A rapid ELISA that screens for S. aureus in food samples.

Provides results in less than 26 hours. Single enrichment broth for S. aureus.

Catalog # Product Description MSDS
TSGMED500 3M™ Staph aureus Broth for Tecra™ Kits TSGMED500 Staph enrichment media 500g 
STAVIA96 3M™ Tecra™ Staph aureus Visual Immunoassay STAVIA96  Rapid ELISA for the screening of S. aureus in food samples, 96 well kit
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