Tapes and Dispenser
Static Shielding Tape

Metal plated polyester film surface, Suitable to be used in semiconductors and electronics industries including cleanroom.

Antistatic Cellulose Acetate Tapes

General purpose application to protect against ESD

Kapton Tape

High temperature retention of physical and electrical properties, good for wave soldering application to mask away components not required for soldering.

Brown Conductive Grid Tape

Heavy duty co-polymer antistatic layers with buried conductive grid provides effective static shielding properties.

Caution Tape

Bright colour caution signals to all ESD working environment.

PE Protective Tape

Use for protection of finished surface like polished metal, plastic and glass material from scratches. Various sizes and adhesive strength available.

ESD Tape Dispenser

Use in holding tape in control environment. Safety bar protection against cut, frame are powder coated, can hold up to 2 inches width tape.

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