IC Tester, Model : TRI 6850
  • Complete DC parameter, functional pattern, and analog testing capability.
  • User-configurable modular architecture allows flexible configuration to meet various testing requirements.
  • Programmable voltage and current range for greater accuracy(DVC, PVC, OVC, HCS, HVS).
  • Pulse Width, Pulse Period, Frequency, Propagation Delay, Rising / Falling Time testing with up to 800MHz speed (TMU) 128 channels of user-configurable switching relay (Matrix Board).
  • 32/64 channels of logic functional pattern testing at up to 33MHz speed for 128/256 channels.
  • Independent AWG and Digitizer module for Mixed-Signal testing.
  • Superb test program debugging tools.
  • Complete testing statistic reports and histogram.
  • Enhanced production efficiency with multi-site testing capability up to 8 sites.
  • Text Mode test program development environment and rich debugging & analytic tools

TRI's TR6850 IC tester is specially designed for testing Mixed Signal ICs. It is ideal for testing regulators, detectors, resets, switches, HCS and TMU modules for DC parameter measurement, AC32 and AC64 modules for MCU functional pattern testing, AWGs and Digitizers for A/D, D/A and Class D Audio amplifier Analog Testing.

The TR6850 features a text mode program development environment, and rich debugging and analytic tools. It works on top of Windows 2000 and WinXP Operating Systems with user-friendly GUI. The TR6850 seamlessly connects to all popular probers and handlers, and supports multi-site testing capability. All these features make TR6850 the best Mixed Signal and Power Management IC tester for both engineering verification and mass production.

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